Urban Domestic Waste Classification Achieves Breakthrough

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-12 14:05:05 【Fonts:Small Big

On August 10, at the scheduling meeting about waste classification in urban areas, Vice Mayor Guo Bixun requested that Changde should further improve the mechanism of domestic waste classification and treatment, and make every effort to enhance the comprehensive disposal capacity of urban domestic waste.

Changde officially launched the classification of urban domestic waste at the end of 2020. Since the launch of waste classification work, the city has gradually improved the closed loop of domestic waste classification and treatment, and the recyclables are recycled by socialized enterprises after classification at each level. In 2021, Changde City’s domestic waste incineration treatment ratio ranked first in the province.

To further promote the work of urban garbage classification, Guo Bixun requested the city management department and the “four districts” government (management committee) to learn from the experience of advanced cities, further improve the waste classification mechanism and guarantee work funding. They should strengthen transportation and disposal capacity, and continue to promote the quantification of domestic waste, resources, harmless treatment. Guo Bixun also emphasized that they should increase the assessment and evaluation work in each district, strengthen waste classification publicity, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all people to participate in the work and create a good atmosphere.


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