Changde’s First High-level Talent Classification Identification Work Begins

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-11 14:10:22 【Fonts:Small Big

On August 10, the first classification of high-level talents in Changde has been officially launched. The talents who work full-time in Changde’s enterprises or institutions and meet the conditions of A, B, C and D categories as stipulated in the annual Changde City High-Level Talent Classification Identification Catalogue can declare.

The classification of high-level talent identified as four categories: international and domestic leading talent (Level A), provincial leading talent (Level B), municipal leading talent (Level C), senior talent (Level D).

The declaration period is from August 16 to 31, and each applicant or the human resource department of his or her unit must submit the Changde High-Level Talent Classification Declaration Form and related annexes at the talent service window within the specified time. The classification of high-level talents in Changde City is led by the Talent Office of the Municipal Party Committee, which is responsible for the review of the declaration and the verification of different types of talents throughout the year. For the identified high-level talents of A, B, C and D categories, the corresponding Changde Talent Green Card will be issued.


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