Zhou Zhenyu Investigates the Key Transportation Construction Projects in Shimen

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-10 10:10:12 【Fonts:Small Big

On August 9th, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and mayor of Changde Municipal People’s Government, visited Shimen County to conduct research on the key transportation construction projects such as waterway, expressway and high-speed railway.

At the site of Qingshan junction project of Lishui River Channel, Zhou Zhenyu inspected the construction of Qingshan junction ship lock and sluice project, and listened in detail to the introduction of the project. It is learnt that after the project is completed and put into use, thousands of tons of ships will sail on the Lishui Shimen section, which will play a great role in driving the local logistics and industrial development.

Later, Zhou Zhenyu went to the construction site of the Luci Expressway to check the progress of the project. After the Luci Expressway is completed and put into use, it will greatly solve the problem of travel in the northern mountain areas of Shimen County, form a fast channel for external contact, greatly promote the rural revitalization of the northern mountain areas of Shimen County, and drive the development of local tourism and agricultural industries.

At the starting point of Changde Shimen of Xiangyang-Changde High-speed Railway, Zhou Zhenyu listened to the planning, design and approval progress of Xiangyang-Changde High-speed Railway in detail and learned about the specific routing. He pointed out that it is quite necessary to strengthen communication with the higher authorities and the State Railway Corporation, determine the design scheme at short notice, and strive to start construction as soon as possible.


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