2022 “National Fitness Day” and the 3rd Changde Hydrophilic Fitness Festival Kicks Off

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On August 7th, 2022 “National Fitness Day” and the 3rd Changde Hydrophilic Fitness Festival kicked off at Simalou Linhu Square, Liuye Lake Tourism Resort. Deputy Mayor Yang Chengying attended the activity and made a speech.

Yang Chengying said this hydrophilic fitness festival is not only a national fitness activity with Changde regional characteristics, but also an important measure to promote Changde tourism products. It is hoped that the general public will actively focus their attention on and participate in a wide range of fitness activities, so as to form a lively situation of fitness for everyone, fitness for every day and fitness for science. It is also hoped that Changde Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Sports Department will fully exploit the characteristics of “sports + tourism” and continue to build a number of influential high-quality sports events and high-quality sports tourism routes, making the sports events become the best tourism card of the city, promoting the integrated development of culture, tourism and sports, and helping diversify the economic development.

From August 6th to 12th, nine main activities, such as “Parent-child Roller Skating for Love”, “Happy Ping-Pong for You and Me” and “Grassroots Street Basketball Competition”, will be staged in turn, allowing sports fans not only to participate in the games, exercise and fitness, but also to get close to nature, enjoy leisure and entertainment, and adding a strong festive atmosphere to the summer in Changde.


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