Eight Tasks of Market Supervision to be Prioritized in the Second Half of the Year

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-07-29 15:55:30 【Fonts:Small Big

On July 27, the semi-annual summary meeting on market supervision work of Changde was held. Vice Mayor Yang Chengying attended and delivered a speech.

The second half of the year will see Changde’s market supervision system focus on the following eight tasks: cultivating market entities with "high quality", transforming intellectual property rights with "high value", "creating brands" in quality work, and deepening food safety "defensing checking and ensuring" (As in the special action of “defensing the bottom line, checking underlying dangers, and ensuring safety”), “strict supervision” of pharmaceutical work, “better the environment” by further reform the commercial system, “ensure safety” by utilizing special equipment, and law enforcement with “iron fist” to “benefit people’s livelihood”.

Yang Chengying emphasized that the government and departments should cooperate efficiently and seek practical results. Governments at all levels must establish goals and set tasks; must clarify directions, strengthen guarantees, gather elements, and better the environment;  must engage in coordination, attach importance to dispatch, and collect synergy; must strive for a better position and strengthen vitality by taking active actions; must pay attention to governance and promote impetus by reform and innovation. Market supervision departments at the city and county levels should build teams and play a leading role, establish systems and create culture, strengthen abilities and cultivate practical capability, ensure safety and benefit the people's livelihood, and strict enforcement and dare to compete. The government and departments should maintain the balance between "rigidity of enforcement " and "warmth of enforcement", coordinate the "security line" and "development high-line", regulate new business formats, new models, and new economies, and promote the integration of smart supervision and modern governance capabilities.


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