"Outstanding Group" Awarded to the Political Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Changde

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Recently, the Ministry of Public Security issued the Notice on Praising Groups and Individuals with Outstanding Achievements in National  Political Work of Public Security. The Political Department of Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau was rated as "Outstanding Group of National Political Work of Public Security", and it is the only municipal administrative department of public security organ in Hunan province to be commended.

In recent years, the Political Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau has insisted on building police politically, promote the police by reform, reinforce the police by improving its quality, treating the police preferentially, and manage the police strictly. The team's political awareness, spirits, abilities, internal and external influence, and happiness index have been significantly improved, providing strong political, organizational, and ideological guarantees for the city's public security work. The Political Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau were selected to give representative speeches at the provincial conference on political work of public security for five consecutive years.


For the next step, all the civilian auxiliary police of Changde Public Security will do the following: pay more attention to party building and leading, positive incentives, education and training, reform and innovation as well as be police-oriented; forge ahead in a new journey and make contributions to a new era with a stronger responsibility to fulfill its mission and an historical initiative spirit; actively participate in the themed practice of "Welcome the 20th National Congress, Ensure Safety with Loyalty", and take practical actions to welcome the Party's 20th National Congress.


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