Barrier-free Renovation to be Implemented for 1,400 Disabled Families in 2022

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-07-24 16:40:24 【Fonts:Small Big

On July 22, the reporter learned from the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation that barrier-free renovations will be implemented for 1,400 families of the disabled this year, 841 of which have been completed.

Since 2013, Changde has implemented barrier-free renovations for about 10,000 disabled families. Over the past year, the provincial government has included the barrier-free reconstruction project for families of the disabled in difficulties as a key livelihood project. This year, the number of tasks in our city is 1,250, ranking second in Hunan province. After preliminary investigation and household visits, our city has added 150 households on the basis of the original tasks, and finally determined that the renovation of 1,400 households will be completed. According to the specific difficulties and needs of the disabled, the staff of the Disabled Persons' Federation system established a "one-house-one-case" detailed file and project design plan for each household that include disabled members, and carried out restoration projects such as ground leveling, low-level stove, door renovation and toilets installation that can help them remove or reduce barriers at home, ease the burden of care, and improve the quality of life.

The earlier stage of the barrier-free reconstruction project for families of the disabled took a long time, but the implementation will be sped up after confirming the relevant plans. As of the end of June, the city has renovated 402 households, and the number of projects completed ranks second in Hunan province. As of press time, 841 households have been renovated, and it is expected that all 1,400 households will be renovated by the end of September.


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