Delegation from South China Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Visits Changde

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From Aug 3rd to Aug 4th, Gong Chenggang, Deputy Director of South China Inspection Bureau, Ministry of Ecology and Environment visited Changde to conduct on-site investigation and verification on positive case rectification of ecological and environmental problem. The No. 1 Supervision Office of Hunan Provincial Department of ecological environment joined the investigation. Vice Mayor Guo Bixun accompanied the investigation team.

It is reported that South China Inspection Bureau will conduct on-site investigation and verification on 44 reported positive cases in Hunan Province, which include Shibantan Stone Coal Mining Area in Dingcheng District, Changde, water environment governance of West Dongting Lake in Hanshou County, Changde, water environment governance of the Shanpo Lake in Anxiang County, Changde, the pearl cultivation transformation project in Hanshou County, Changde, and the ecological governance of Taoyuan Gravel Mining in Taoyuan County, Changde.

The investigation team observed the growth of aquatic plants and the water quality of the sewage intercepting ditch along Shanpo Lake in Anxiang  County, and listened to the report on the treatment experience. Gong affirmed the achievements made in the treatment of Shanpo Lake. He pointed out that the water environment treatment is a long-term project. Changde should firmly establish the spirit of long-term service, organize the scientific research team, and ensure the further improvement of the water environment quality. He highlighted the significance of learning from the experience of Shanpo Lake, transforming ecological benefits into economic benefits and exploring the Changde Experience of lake management.

The investigation team visited the original site of Sanyuanqiao Quarry in Qihe Town, Taoyuan County and that of Gaowan Qiaotou Gravel Plant in Zoushi Town, Taoyuan County to conduct an on-site investigation on the rectification of ecological and environmental problems caused by gravel mining. Gong affirmed the effective work of Taoyuan County on gravel mining renovation. He stressed that we should ensure that the ecology and environment continue to improve. It is necessary to adhere to the concept of green development, promote the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry, build green mining enterprises, and find a new path of high-quality development that gives priority to green ecologic green development.

The investigation team also visited Hanshou County on positive case of water environment treatment in West  Dongting Lake and pearl cultivation transformation.


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