Changde Holds E-Commerce Resource Docking Meeting

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On August 1st, Changde held the E-Commerce Resource Docking Meeting. Vice Mayor Tan Ding attended the meeting and gave a speech.

The meeting was to build a bridge between production enterprises and e-commerce enterprises so as to maximize their advantages, share resources and bring in mutual benefits. Vice Mayor Tan said that the meeting is a part of the "1 + 8 + N" activities, which is a part of “Changde: Enjoyment in Quality Life” Campaign of the subsidized consumption season in the city. The campaign fully reflects the importance of e-commerce in promoting consumption, helping rural revitalization, and exploring international markets. In recent years, the development of e-commerce in the city has strengthened the cultivation of the main body and promoted e-commerce enterprises. It aims to strengthen demonstration and guidance to promote the development of e-commerce industry clusters.

For the work of the next stage, Tan stressed that related departments at all levels should strengthen services, promote e-commerce enterprises and platforms to deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. The e-commerce resource docking meeting will be held as a regular one to build a better platform and create a better business environment. E-commerce enterprises in the city should strengthen research and development and launch more competitive products. Each e-commerce platform should enhance customized services, help small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises with resources, guide enterprises to improve business level and expand customer channels.

Information of 15 goods uplink was introduced from various districts and counties (cities), and Changde e-commerce Product Album was printed and distributed at the meeting. The album includes products from nearly 200 manufacturing enterprises, covering product information of more than 10 categories. The meeting also set up guest sharing section and round table forum.


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