Three Works from Changde Shortlisted for the 19th National Qunxing Award

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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the final list of the 19th National Qunxing (Mass Stars) Award in music, dance, drama and folk art. Five works were shortlisted in Hunan Province, among which three were from Changde.

The three works include 1 drama work named Lanjiang Port, which is  performed by Jinshi Municipal Cultural Center and 1 Changde Sixian (a Changde traditional opera) work named Unyielding Roar, which is performed by Wuling District Cultural Center and 1 Gupen song ( a Changde traditional opera) named the Serendipity of Vegetableswhich is performed by Linli County Folk Opera Troupe. Lanjiang Port tells the story of a resident village secretary donating his ancestral secret recipe to the village and calling on the village’s private factory to lead the whole village on the road of win-win cooperation and prosperity. The play skillfully uses the unique artistic technique in Jinghe opera to vividly depict the characters and express the theme. Unyielding Roar is an original Quyi masterpiece elaborately created by Wuling District  Cultural Center. The story is based on the experience of the Chinese lyricist Tian Han in creating his most influential work The March of the Volunteers. It uses traditional opera elements to express patriotic feelings and promote the national spirit. Serendipity of Vegetables tells the story of a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman who met each other and got married in the process of rural rejuvenation. It has won multiple municipal and provincial awards due to its prominent theme and humorous performance.

Qunxing Award is a national government award for social culture & artistic creation and social & cultural undertakings. It is the highest award in the mass culture system and has been successfully held for 18 times.


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