2022 Changde Cadre Training Demonstration Class Completed

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On July 22, 2022, Changde cadre training demonstration class was successfully completed. Through three-day training, the participating organization cadres not only refined their communism spirit, acquired skills, expanded their knowledge, but also exchanged ideas and enhanced friendship.

More than 340 trainees attended the training, including members of the Organization Department of each district and county in Changde, covering a wide range of public services staff from the head branch of each business group and member, the head branch of the administrative and institutional units above the municipal level, the head branch of the political and personnel department, the head branch of the human resources department of municipal enterprises, and all the staff of the Organization Department of the municipal party committee. The trainees included both "green hands" recently engaged in the organization of the work , and "veterans" in the organization of personnel department work for many years ; there were backbones who are specifically engaged in the organization of personnel work, also chief in charge of the organization of personnel work. Participants have a positive attitude, solid academic path design, hardworking spirit, and active thinking pattern. They all showed a strong desire to learn. In the training process, they exchanged ideas, conducted discussion and conversation in order to locate the focus and path of future organizational work. A desirable interchange of ideas has been achieved with experience transferred among them.

Through the training, the participants have improved the theoretical level, broadened the horizons, and had a deeper understanding of the new situation and problems facing the current organizational work. They have expressed that the training course held by the Organization Department of the Municipal Committee is not only a rich "ideological feast", but also a "good-timing rain" to enhance the job competence, which has boosted morale, enhanced confidence and laid the foundation for better organizational work in the future.


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