Thunderstorms with High Temperatures in the Coming Week in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-07-26 17:00:07 【Fonts:Small Big


In the coming week, the high temperatures will continue. At 8:45am. on July 25, a number of orange-coded heat alerts were issued by Changde Meteorological Observatory, from which, there will be scattered afternoon thundershowers in the coming days. From July 28 to 29, heavy rainfalls will come and go in haste, followed by hot and sunny days. Therefore the "barbecue mode" would be changed into "steaming mode", where people in Changde should pay attention to summer heat, lightening, and strong rainfall.

It is reported that before July 27, the weather is sunny and hot with high temperatures, accompanied with showers or thundershowers in the afternoon; from July 26 to 27, temperature would reach up to 39; from July 28 to 29, influenced by the latitudinal fluctuation in daytime, a heavy rainfall is to come, accompanied by the strong convective weather like short-term heavy precipitation or thunderstorms and gales in some areas bringing reduced heat; start from July 30, sunny hot day will continue.

Weather forecast in details:

From July 26 to 27: clear and cloudy, scattered showers or the thunderstorms in the afternoon, south wind 2~3 wind scale, 2839℃

July 28: cloudy, light to moderate showers or thundershowers in some area, south wind 2~3 wind scale, 2634℃

July 29: shower, cloudy;

From July 30 to 31: cloudy and then clear up, scattered showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon


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