Inspection on Drunk Driving on Water Strictly Carried Out

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-07-25 16:30:33 【Fonts:Small Big

Changde Comprehensive Enforcement Team of Traffic Administration has begun a strict inspection on drunk driving on water.

Boarded the ships on voyage, the law enforcement officers conducted breathalyzer tests on crews on duty by using professional tools. According to Regulations of the Crews on Duty in the Inland Navigation Vessels of PRC, no alcohol should be consumed for the crews from 4 hours before taking up duty. Moreover, their blood alcohol concentration must not exceed 0.05% during their duty time, or their breath alcohol concentration should not be higher than 0.25mg/L.

In this inspection, no crews were found drunk while on duty. At the same time, the law enforcement officers have promoted learning on related laws and rules when they were giving the breathalyzer tests, in order to enable the crews to better know the dangers of drinking on duty so they would guarantee the safety of water transport.


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