Changde’s 20 Works Win Excellent Cases of Reading in Primary and Secondary Schools in Hunan

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Recently, the list of winners in the selection of excellent cases of reading in primary and secondary schools in Hunan Province was released, and 20 cases in our city were on the list.

This activity is jointly organized by the Office of the Working Committee of Primary and Secondary School Libraries of Hunan Provincial Department of Education and the Department of Educational Production and Equipment of Hunan Province, and a total of 51 first prizes, 70 second prizes and 80 third prizes and 10 units of outstanding contribution to the organization of activities were selected throughout the province. In this competition, Changde selected 23 cases to participate in the selection, and finally won 7 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 6 third prizes. Some of the winning cases will be compiled into a book to promote in the province. In addition, Changde Teaching Instrument Station was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to the Organization of Activities”.

Primary and secondary school libraries (rooms) are essential for school education and teaching, and are the second classroom for students. Changde Teaching Instrument Station has been strictly in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Regulations for Primary and Secondary School Libraries (Rooms), committed to the cultural construction and curriculum resources of the primary and secondary school libraries (rooms). The relevant person in charge of the station said that the primary and secondary school libraries (rooms) in the new era should realize comprehensive and deep integration with education, and the development of various book reading sharing and case evaluation activities will become an important push to promote library construction, management, application and research, and enhance the effectiveness of primary and secondary school libraries in serving education.


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