11 Units Listed in the First Batch of Changde Party History Education Bases

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Party history is the best textbook, and the education base is a vivid “red” classroom. On July 13, the first batch of “Changde Party History Education Bases” awarding ceremony was held in the municipal Party committee organs. Chen Hua, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, awarded the plaque for 11 units, including the display room of Martyr Huang Ai. Fu Yong, Member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Party Secretary General, presided over the awarding ceremony.

As an old revolutionary area, Changde has produced a number of revolutionary martyrs with national influence, such as Lin Boqui, Wang Erzhuo, Yan Changyi, Shuai Mengqi, Chen Zhenya and Huang Ai, leaving behind a lot of red cultural heritage bearing revolutionary history and spirit. In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the protection and utilization of red resources, and have newly built, restored and repaired nearly 200 red memorial facilities and erected 138 monuments to protect the ruins and relics. The first batch of 11 municipal Party history education bases named this time are rich in categories and distinctive in characteristics, marking a new stage in the city’s Party history publicity and education and red gene inheritance work.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Chen Hua expressed warm congratulations to the units awarded as “Changde Party History Education Bases”. On the construction, application and management of the Party history education base, she stressed that we should continuously improve the supporting facilities, explore red resources, build a strong propaganda team, build a good base, and create a red highland. It is of great significance to carry out Party education, tell the red story, promote the integration of cultural tourism and use the base well. Joint efforts should be made to manage the base, improve the level of operation, and create a number of red education brands that can stand and spread in the province and even the country.

Liu Chunlin, president of the City Council for the Promotion of Aging, participated in the awarding ceremony.


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