The Third Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled Held in Changde

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-07-18 12:40:02 【Fonts:Small Big


On July 15, the Third Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled was held in Changde City at the Municipal Labor and Employment Service Center for the Disabled. Nearly 20 disabled candidates from various districts and counties (cities) competed on the same stage in five projects, including manicure, flower arrangement, knitting, blind massage, and drone control.

In flower arrangement, the contestants calmly went through the steps including flower selection, branch cutting, planning, shaping and other processes according to the requirements. They submitted the finished products at the end of the competition. In the blind massage competition, the contestants were carrying out massage in an orderly manner. According to the on-site staff, the examiner made a comprehensive assessment based on the participants’ techniques, acupuncture points, order of application, strength, time and other aspects.

It is reported that this competition aims to expand the employment channels for people with disabilities, train high-skilled talents and promote high-quality development; guide the majority of workers with disabilities to study new technologies and master new skills based on their jobs; and at the same time, gain more the attention from the society to the employment of people with disabilities and promote vocational training and employment of people with disabilities.


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