Li Hao and Li Hui Receive Alibaba Daily Positive Energy Award

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-07-15 11:55:02 【Fonts:Small Big

On July 14, Sanxiang City News, together with Changde Daily and “Alibaba Daily Positive Energy” Project awarded Li Hui and Li Hao the “Daily Positive Energy Special Award” and a prize of 20,000 yuan. On July 15, anxiang City News reported the story of Li Hao and Li Hui, recent high school graduates from Changde No.1 High School, who have been studying together for 9 years, gaining friendship and achieving mutual success.

Li Hao was injured in an accident at the age of 6 and a half while practicing taekwondo, which led to her being in a wheelchair. Luckily, she met Li Hui, who is helpful and kind by nature. Li Hui said that in elementary school Li Hao had to stay at home for her physical conditions. Almost every time when Li Hui took homework to Li Hao, she was doing recuperating exercise. Sweating profusely, never once did Li Hao give up. From fourth grade to high school, Li Hao answered Li Hui’s queries and solved her problems; in life, Li Hui became Li Hao's “leg”, and they were like sisters without blood ties.

In the 2022 college entrance exam, “wheelchair girl” Li Hao achieved a good score of 566 points in physics, exceeding Hunan’s undergraduate batch admissions line by 152 points, and applied for China Ocean University and Hunan Normal University. Li Hui also scored 523 points to her satisfaction, exceeding the Hunan undergraduate batch admissions line by 109 points. The two girls will go to different universities to pursue their dreams.


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