More Than 120,000 Workers Lifted out of Poverty in Changde Find Employment

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-07-10 12:40:46 【Fonts:Small Big

On July 8th, the reporter learned from the provincial training seminar on stable employment of population out of poverty and “Yulu plan +” employment promotion action that since the beginning of this year, of the 143,500 people lifted out of poverty in our city, 120,300 have found jobs, accounting for 83.83% of the employment rate, 1.51 percentage points higher than that at the end of last year. 859 employment assistance workshops have been built, employing 6,087 people out of poverty, and creating 11,091 public welfare jobs in rural areas. The number of people employed by all employment assistance providers i higher than that of the same period last year.

After entering a transition period for consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and effectively linking them with rural vitalization, our city has strictly implemented the general requirements of “Four Things Not to Be Taken Off”, gave priority to stable employment, helping people out of poverty maintain stable employment, increasing employment and improving its quality. It has also made efforts to maintain “Four Kinds of Stability”, including policy support, capital input, work force and service measures. Through the construction of employment assistance workshops, the development of public welfare jobs, skills training, cashing in employment subsidies and other measures, our city has done its best to help those who are able to work and willing to find jobs find employment, and those who have already found jobs find stable employment.


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