Cao Zhiqiang: Building the Tobacco Industry into the Characteristic Industry of Changde Enriching the People

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On July 6, Cao Zhiqiang, secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee, led a team to Taoyuan County and Linli County to investigate the development of municipal tobacco industry. He stressed that Changde is a city with strong tobacco industry and should also become a city with strong tobacco leaf production. Relevant departments at all levels should attach great importance to it and take more solid and effective measures to promote high-quality development of the tobacco industry so as to blaze a new path for agricultural and rural modernization, increasing farmers’ incomes and revitalizing rural areas.


Cao Zhiqiang Visits Zhujiagang Baking Factory, Pantang Town of Taoyuan County

This year, 66,200 mu of tobacco planting area has been implemented in the city, a year-on-year increase of 14.4%. It is expected that the income of tobacco leaf per mu will reach about 4,500 yuan, and the total income of tobacco farmers will be more than 280 million yuan. Successively visiting Zhujiagang baking factory of Pantang Town and Hongyan Village tobacco field in Taoyuan County, Leishui Village tobacco field of Taifu Town and “Xiangcun 636” store of Wanghua Village in Linli County, Cao Zhiqiang investigated tobacco leaf planting, harvesting, baking, grading, purchasing and tobacco leaf production layout, and presided over a symposium to listen to the reports on the development of tobacco leaf industry in the city.

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