Cao Zhiqiang Stresses Sparing No Efforts to Attract Investment and Promote Opening-up to Add New Impetus for High-quality Economic Development

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Cao Zhiqiang, secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee, made a special investigation of the city’s open economy and investment promotion, and held a symposium in the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to listen to the related report. He stressed that the Bureau should play a leading role in the open economy and investment promotion work, further broaden our vision, innovate ideas, take responsibility for practical work, conscientiously perform the duties, and contribute wisdom and strength to accelerating the construction of a new socialist modernized Changde.

This year, the city’s commercial system has fully implemented the strategic positioning and mission of “Three Highlands and Four New Missions”, and made solid progress in opening economy and attracting investment. From January to May, the increase rate of import and export of the city ranks 4th in the province, the increase rate of domestic capital actually in place ranks 3rd in the province, and the increase rate of foreign capital actually used ranks 2nd in the province. There are 29 newly registered enterprises labelled as “Return of Changde (Hunan) Businessmen”, and the actual capital in place is 14.067 billion yuan. The total retail volume of social consumer goods ranks 4th in the province, and the increase rate ranks 5th in the province.


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