Municipal Leaders Advocate Implementing Green Development Concept to Expand and Strengthen Real Industry

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On the morning of July 5, Yin Zhengxi, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, led a team to Dahu Aquaculture Co., Ltd. to carry out the action of “Offering Policies, Solving Problems and Optimizing Services”, providing accurate services for enterprises to help solve difficulties.

Dahu Aquaculture Co., Ltd. is the largest listed freshwater fish industry company in China, and now focuses on developing the big health industry, providing consumers with health products and health care services, including “Dahu” organic aquatic products, “Deshan” liquor series products, medicine and health care products, and health care services operated and managed by rehabilitation nursing hospitals.

The team led by Yin Zhengxi listened carefully to the report of the company’s main principals, and had a detailed understanding of the development of the company, and the difficulties and problems that need to be coordinated and solved. Yin Zhengxi asked the persons in charge of relevant units to take measures, reply as soon as possible, optimize the service and actively support the company in accordance with the law and policies. He suggested that the company strengthen its social responsibility, implement the concept of green development and protect the ecological environment. The company is also supposed to take root in the local areas, expand and strengthen the real industry.


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