Changde Receives 200-million-yuan Central Government Subsidy for Pilot Program on Rural Black and Odorous Water Treatment 

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Changde became one of the 15 pilot cities on black and odorous water treatment after receiving competitive evaluation jointly organized by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Ecological Environment. It will receive a 200-million-yuan subsidy from the central government on the treatment project.

The pilot project will cover 9 districts and counties (cities), 49 towns and townships, 82 administrative villages, and 82 rural black and odorous water bodies in Changde, with a treatment area of 33.18 square kilometers and a beneficiary population of 240,000. The project will follow the path of source control and pollution interception, endogenous treatment, and water purification to achieve the goal of “one reduction and two improvements” through systematic treatment measures, that is, to reduce the pollution load into rivers and lakes, to improve the ecological environment quality of Yuanjiang River and Lishui River, and to improve the people’s sense of happiness and security.

As one of the pilot areas of the integrated protection and restoration project of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grasses and sands in the Dongting Lake region, Changde was successfully selected into the second batch of integrated protection and restoration projects during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and will receive a subsidy of 669 million Yuan from the central government. The approval of the rural black and odorous water treatment pilot project will further enhance the ecological environment protection, restoration and long-term management and protection capacity of Changde City, effectively improve the ecosystem security of the lake basin, and build a solid ecosystem security barrier in the Yangtze River Basin.


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