Changde Launches 100-day Campaign to Inspect Education Safety

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-07-03 08:20:57 【Fonts:Small Big

On July 1st, a teleconference on a one-hundred-day campaign for the city's education safety inspection & student summer vacation anti-drowning program was held. Heads of members of the Municipal School Safety Committee and principals of city schools attended the meeting at the main venue, and sub venues were set up in each administrative district and county (city). Zhou Daihui, Vice Mayor and Director of the Municipal School Safety Committee, attended the meeting.

In the meeting the student safety work in the first half of the year was summarized, and further work on the campaign and anti-drowning program was arranged and deployed.

Zhou asked departments and schools to tighten the strings of safety, bear in mind the responsibility of safety, and jointly protect the safety on the campus and of the students. Zhou stressed that departments and schools should adhere to the supremacy of life and keep the bottom line of safety, stick to the combination of dredging and blocking, prevent drowning accidents, infuse publicity and education into every student, eliminate the hidden dangers in key waters, patrol and protect key time nodes, take care of and monitor key student groups, and shore up weak links in swimming places, strengthen the supervision and accountability, strictly submit information and shoulder the safety responsibility.


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