Changde Activates Level-IV Emergency Response to Flooding

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-07-04 08:40:48 【Fonts:Small Big


Changde Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters declared to activate a level-IV emergency response to flood risks from 18:00 on July 3. This decision was made as a result of considering the relevant stipulations of Hunan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters and Changde Flood Emergency Plan for Flood Prevention, combined with the flood situation and flood forecast of the city.

The municipal headquarters stressed that all relevant departments at all levels should, in strict accordance with the requirements of emergency response, effectively strengthen the prevention and response of Typhoon Chaba, strengthen the monitoring, forecasting and early warning, emergency consultation and scheduling, implement the relevant measures, and maintain a solid job in flash flood-prone areas, possible geological hazards, small and medium-sized rivers, low-lying areas in cities and towns, reservoirs and dams, slope cutting and building sites, tailings ponds, non coal mines, dilapidated houses, and flooded roads, patrol in the areas affected by thunderstorms and strong winds, and transfer the people in the dangerous areas in advance to resolutely avoid casualties.

China has a four-tier flood control emergency response system, with level-I being the most severe response.


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