2022 “Good Family Tradition, Healthy Life Style” Campaign Launched in Hunan

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On the evening of June 15, to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council’s Decision on Optimizing Fertility Policy to Promote Long-term Balanced Population Development(here in after referred to as theDecision)Hunan Province centralized publicity services and 2022 “Good Family tradition, Healthy Life Style” family health campaign, were launched in Jiangnan Yuan River scenic area of Dingcheng District. Liang Wenming, vice president of the provincial family planning association, and Chen Hua, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, minister of the United Front Work Department of the municipal party committee and president of the municipal family planning association, attended the launching ceremony and made a speech.

At the launching ceremony, Liang Wenming awarded a plaque to Dingcheng District, the project site of Family Health Promotion Action of China Family Planning Association 2022. Dingcheng District is one of the 15 pilot areas of the project this year and the only successful bidder in Hunan Province. The project aims to implement the Decision, support localities to vigorously explore effective working models for family health promotion, and focus health governance on the grassroots level. After the launching ceremony, Dingcheng District will take the pilot as an opportunity to build and improve the grassroots family health service system, and deeply explore new models and experiences.

Liang Mingming stressed that “Good Family Tradition, Healthy Life Style” is an important element to promote “Healthy Hunan”. The provincial family planning associations at all levels should take this centralized publicity and service activity as an opportunity to further unify the mind, effectively raise the status, actively assist the party committee and government to implement the three-child birth policy, widely carry out the “Good Family Tradition, Healthy Life Style” activities, vigorously promote the new style of marriage and childbirth, and help build a childbirth-friendly society.

Chen Hua pointed out that the city’s family planning associations at all levels should take a new direction in the in-depth study of the decision, grasp the new tasks and new requirements for the transformation and development of population and family planning; to show new action in the overall situation of the service center, to further improve the level of eugenic services and promote long-term balanced development of the population; to make new achievements in the construction of healthy Changde, strengthen the promotion of healthy families, establish a new era of healthy family style; to make new achievements to fully benefit the people, and constantly improve the sense of contentment and happiness among the people.

Zhu Jinping, vice chairman of the CPPCC and secretary of the Party Committee of Dingcheng District, attended the launching ceremony.


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