Changde Sets off a New Era Integrity Theme Creation Boom

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-06-14 13:45:46 【Fonts:Small Big

In order to promote the culture of integrity, the Municipal Culture Museum has made use of various art creation workshops and set off a wave of creative activities on the theme of integrity in the new era, relying on the platform of the publication Art Changde, combining traditional culture such as calligraphy with the culture of integrity, and using Changde Sixuan, Gupen Songs, Huagu Operas and other popular forms of literature and art as carriers.

In the creation workshop held at the end of April, the works on the theme of integrity, such as “Fancy” Thanksgiving, Donation and Team Leader Peng Investigates the Case, caught the eye of the audience. These works express the macro theme through micro description, deeply praised by experts and participating authors. In the songwriting workshop held in May, The Lotus stood out. The song has a fresh melody, glorifying the spirit of integrity through the immaculate image of the lotus flower out of the mud. In the city-wide training class for cultural curators held on May 24, Art Changde released the theme for this year’s call for contribution, among which “integrity culture” was placed in a prominent position. The upcoming art, calligraphy, photography, and dance creation pen sessions will also focus on the theme of integrity. At present, the calligraphy specialists of the Municipal Cultural Museum are concentrating on creating integrity calligraphy works.

The person in charge of the Municipal Culture Museum said that the Municipal Culture Museum will lead with firm cultural confidence, cultivate the value of social integrity and honesty, promote the creation of integrity literature and art works, discover and polish integrity literature and art works, and create a favorable climate of integrity throughout Changde.


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