City Leaders Supervise the Building of National Civilized City

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-06-13 08:55:00 【Fonts:Small Big

On the morning of June 9, Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui led a team to supervise the work of building a national civilized city in some medical institutions, and held a scheduling meeting for the building work of schools and health working groups.

Zhou Daihui and his entourage went to the First People’s Hospital and the Fourth People’s Hospital (South Area), carefully inspected the hospital emergency department, outpatient halls, inpatient buildings and hospital surroundings, and carried out on-site supervision of environmental health, parking order, public welfare publicity, volunteer sites, barrier-free facilities construction, anti-smoking persuasion, and epidemic prevention and control, and made on-site delivery of the problems found in the supervision.

In the subsequent scheduling meeting, Zhou Daihui pointed out that the building of a national civilized city is a major matter of people’s livelihood, and a good thing to enhance the reputation of both the city and the people’s happiness index. Zhou Daihui requested that all districts and related units should further correct their understanding of the building work, the goal should be further determined, the rules should be further clarified, the rectification should be further regulated, the synergy should be further enforced, supervision and supervision should be further strengthened to ensure that the founding of a national civilized city scores high marks without losing points.


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