Musical Recitation Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival in Dingling’s Hometown

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On the afternoon of June 1, the music recitation of “the Dragon Boat Festival in Dingling’s Hometown”, hosted by Changde Art and Literary Federation and co-organized by Changde Dingling Literature Creation Promotion Association, China Dingling Research Association and Changde Dingling Literature Research Center, was staged at the little theatre of Changde Poetry Wall.

In the twilight, the Chuanzi River is streaming brightly. In the sound of oars and the shadow of lights, an enthusiastic song and dance performance "The boat won’t leave until you come" kicks off the activity. Centering on the themes of the Dragon Boat Festival, the memory of Dingling, and the entry of culture into the enterprises, Changde literary and art group and reciters perform a series of programs in the form of recitation, singing and dancing, including poem recitation “Four Poems for Dragon Boat Festival” and “China in the Moonlight”, the song “Eternal Pursuit”, and the prose poem “High Buildings Are Rising Everywhere”. The interpretation of literary works shows the rapid development of all walks of life in Dingling’s hometown, praises the happy life of Changde people, inherits the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and carries forward Dingling’s red cultural spirit.

The activities also include donating books, telling about the Dragon Boat Festival folk customs, giving away sachets, etc. so that the audience can enjoy a unique festival experience in a warm atmosphere.


Translator: Guo Weifeng

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