Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Sees 10 Temporary Passenger Trains Added in Changde Railway Station

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-06-03 11:35:40 【Fonts:Small Big

On June 2, the reporter learned from Changde Railway station that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Changde railway station opened 10 more temporary buses to fully meet the travel needs of passengers.

Among the additional temporary passenger trains, the main ones are short-distance trains from Changde to Changsha, short-distance trains from Changsha to the north of Shimen County, and a small number of long-distance trains from Shenzhen. They are: T4508 and T4506 trains from Changsha to Changde, and T4510 trains from Changsha to Shimen County North, the running time being on June 2; K6508 trains from Changsha to Shimen County North and K6507 trains from Shimen County North to Changsha, the running time being from June 2 to 3. In addition, there are K6650 trains from Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie West, K6649 trains from Zhangjiajie West to Shenzhen, T4511 trains from Changde to Changsha, and T4512 trains from Changsha to Changde. The running time includes June 3 and June 5. T8325 trains from Changde to Shenzhen East will open on June 4.

The railway department reminds passengers that if they need to know more about the specific operation information of the train, they can log in to the Railway 12306 website, query at the client, or pay attention to the station announcement. At the same time, the passengers should actively cooperate with the station in various epidemic prevention work, such as scanning site codes, checking health codes and travel cards, measuring body temperature, wearing masks, etc., to ensure safe and healthy travel.


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