Changde’s Open Economy and Investment Promotion Scheduling Meeting Held

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Yesterday afternoon, the city’s open economy and investment promotion work scheduling meeting was held. Vice Mayor Tan Ding stressed that it is necessary to conduct pressure and clarify responsibilities at all levels to ensure that half of the tasks can be completed in both open economy and investment promotion.

In terms of open economy, from January to April, the city achieved a total import and export volume of 6.378 billion yuan, ranking the eighth in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 30.88%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 45.534 billion yuan, ranking the fourth in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 2.2%. In terms of investment promotion, from January to April, the city actually used 9.52 million US dollars of foreign capital, 43.37 billion yuan of domestic capital outside the province, and introduced 88 new projects of more than 50 million yuan.

Tan Ding first analyzed the current economic situation from international, domestic, provincial and municipal perspectives, and pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of the economic development of each district and county (city) one by one. Tan Ding stressed that the next step is to make real moves in attracting investment. Scheduling should be strengthened, with the system of monthly scoring, monthly reporting and monthly scheduling” implemented. Practical results should be emphasized with the highlight of introducing new and big projects that can fill the gap, focusing on key industries, key enterprises and key areas. should do solid work in introducing projects. We will focus on introducing real, large and good projects, and strive to select, recruit and strengthen enterprises at a higher level and in a wider range of fields. We should increase momentum in expanding domestic demand. The preferential policies for enterprises should be implemented, the consumption promotion coordinated, the cultivation of market players unified, and the development of new consumption formats integrated. We should tap potential in opening up and development. We will focus on stabilizing the stock, breaking zero, achieving two-fold increase, innovating increment and strengthening the platform.


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