Vice Major Zhou Daihui Extends Int’l Children’s Day Greetings

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On May 30, Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui went to Changde No. 1 Kindergarten (Western) and Kangqiao Kindergarten in Wuling District to send gifts and blessings to the children on International Children’s day.

At each kindergarten, Zhou Daihui interacts with teachers and students, and inquires about the kindergarten's environmental facilities, school running philosophy, teacher allocation, etc. In the newly reclaimed fruit and vegetable planting area of Changde No. 1 Kindergarten, a group of children in primary classes are digging soil to cultivate seedlings and watering. In the gymnasium, the teachers are guiding the children to play folk games such as spinning tops, rolling iron hoops, hunting the thimble, etc. In order to create a festival atmosphere, Kangqiao Kindergarten in Wuling District has carefully set the scene. On the small stage for Children’s Day, the children are carefully rehearsing chorus programs. The fragrance of plants and trees fills the art classroom, where the teacher are instructing the children how to dye plants and trees, make sachets, and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

Seeing that the children are living in a beautiful learning and growing environment, with a pure and bright smile on their faces, Zhou Daihui feels glad to give the children holiday gifts such as books. At the same time, he extends greetings and gratitude to the majority of teachers and educators in the hope that the teaching staff can impart knowledge and educate people with responsibility and love, so as to escort the children’s safe, healthy and happy growth.


Translator: Guo Weifeng

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