Municipal Leaders Schedule the Launching Ceremony of China Tourism Day in Hunan & Taohuanyuan Cultural Tourism Festival Preparations

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-05-07 11:15:40 【Fonts:Small Big

On May 5th, Vice Mayor Yang Chengying led the director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Sports to Taohuayuan, and scheduled the launching ceremony of 2022 China Tourism Day in Hunan and the preparations for Taohuayuan Cultural Tourism Festival.


On-site Inspection

Yang Chengying and her delegation had a detailed knowledge of the preparations for the event and put forward requirements on the planning, publicity and protection measures against the epidemic. On the symposium, Yang Chengying pointed out that we should start from the effect orientation and target outlook to further build consensus. It is necessary to adhere to the prominent characteristics and promote the integrated development of Changde’s cultural and tourism industries. We’d adhere to the innovation of business format, improve the quality of service, and present a vivid experience and enjoyment of the Five Blessings for visitors. We should also continue to take the tourism festival as an opportunity to expand the influence of Changde tourism products by online and offline modes, within and outside the region; and adhere to the market-oriented thinking mode and flow-oriented model to promote the sustainable development of Changde tourism industry.


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