CCTV News Focuses on “Hi-Tech Spring Ploughing” in Changde

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-04-24 12:00:40 【Fonts:Small Big

On April 23, CCTV News launched a report on Accelerating Spring Ploughing and Sowing in All Places, among which is the promotion of some new agricultural machines and tools such as unmanned rice transplanting machine in Dingcheng District of Changde City to accelerate early rice transplanting and lay a solid foundation for a grain harvest

Recently, it is a critical period on both sides of the Changjiang River for spring ploughing and spring sowing. All localities have seized the farming season and actively carried out spring ploughing for autumn harvest.

In the past few days, the Dongting Lake Plain is busy with early rice transplanting. In the 10,000 mu high-quality rice demonstration area in Dingcheng District of Changde city, an unmanned rice transplanter is shuttling through the fields. In order to speed up the spring sowing, the local area promotes the popularization and application of new agricultural machinery through field training and agriculture subsidies.


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