Municipal Leaders Investigate Rural Revitalization Work

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-04-23 15:15:52 【Fonts:Small Big

Yesterday, Deputy Mayor Tan Ding and officials from seven departments including the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Financial Office, and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Dongliuxi Village of Taiping Town in Shimen County to investigate the rural revitalization work.

Dongliuxi Village is located in the east of Taiping Town, Shimen County, with a total area of 13.5 square kilometers and 441 households. Since 2021, the city has dispatched a rural revitalization team to promote the development of tea, Chinese herbal medicine, cattle, sheep and other breeding industries, and has achieved significant results. Tan Ding and the group visited and investigated the golden tea industry base and the village offices and inspected the construction site of the new road from Dongliuxi Village to Gengzi Mountain.

At the symposium on rural revitalization work in Dongliuxi Village, Tan Ding proposed that it is necessary to further develop the political stance and deeply understand the significance of the rural revitalization strategy; to further adhere to the problem orientation, and to fulfill the key tasks of rural revitalization in combination with the actual situation; to further strengthen the coordination work and multi-cooperation, to ensure the effectiveness of the work and make greater contributions to the comprehensive implementation of the rural revitalization work of Dongliuxi Village.


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