Taoyuan County Safeguards the Business Environment with Excellent Cadre Style

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On April 18, Taoyuan County held a meeting to convey and implement the spirit of a city conference on improving the work style of cadres and optimizing the business environment, and deployed related work.

The meeting called for in-depth development of work style construction, and a resolute implementation of the 15 hard-core measures of "Changde Municipal People's Government's Several Policies and Measures to Create a First-class Business Environment" and "Changde Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on Furthering Strict Work Style and Discipline to Safeguard the Business Environment" , which stipulates the requirements of "Seven strict prohibitions, 20 bans", and focuses on rectifying some key issues on “mediocrity, laziness, indiscipline, falsity and sloppiness”.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to raise awareness, create the most friendly and welcoming business environment, and create a strong atmosphere in which everyone takes the initiative to maintain the business environment; it is necessary to deepen reforms, create the "most convenient" government environment, and promote special actions to improve the quality and efficiency of government affairs. We should also deepen the empowerment of the industry park, strengthen the construction of the grass-roots government service platform. Every measure should be applied to grounding practice to benefit enterprises to provide services with the best quality. It is important to implement the "Hundred Enterprises Support" action, continue following the "seven major systems", carry out “dinner conversation with the Secretary of the County Committee”, establish healthy monitoring system and further develop the special project on efficiency improvement. The enforcement of the related laws should be flexible aiming to create the fairest conditions. In supervisory work, the “seventy-twenty-ten” rules can be promoted, which means seventy percent of guidance, twenty percent of supervising and 10 percent of strict enforcement. Workstyle is to be improved to create the purest and healthiest conditions for an optimized business environment.


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