Linli County Grasps Six Key Points and Build a Model Village for Rural Revitalization

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On April 21, Liu Baoxiang, vice chairman of the CPPCC, paid a visit to Miansi Village in Fenghuo Town in Linli County to check their rural revitalization work of the village, with other supporting bureaus including Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Party Committee Veteran Bureau, and the City Urban Development Group.

This research group went to Luojiayan pond where there was a complaint about. The pond covers an area of about 8 acres with overgrown weeds. After inspecting the site, Liu Baoxiang listened to suggestions of all parties and he pointed out that the supporting units should make full use of their intelligence, coordinating with each other, striving for project funds to solve those urgent problems as soon as possible.

At the meeting, the work team resided in the village made a report about their work in 2021. In 2021, Miansi Village has made a great progress in industrial development, infrastructure construction, and the improvement of rural living environment, and it was rated as a Red-flag Village for Industrial Development in Linli County. The meeting has also made plans and deployments for key work in 2022.

Liu Baoxiang stated that Linli County is a model county for rural revitalization in Hunan province, and Miansi Village is a municipal-level key village that rural revitalization supports. Our goal is to build a model village here. To achieve the goal, we must focus on the blue chart to create high-quality products, concentrate on solid industries, do everything possible to ensure employment, change our thinking pattern to promote construction, uphold the Party spirit, and fully support Miansi Village to develop a new way of rural revitalization.


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