Changde Economic Development Zone Launched Special Campaign on Traffic Offences in Rural Areas

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-04-25 16:40:32 【Fonts:Small Big

Recently, at Shimen Bridge Town, the traffic police department of Changde Economic Development Zone launched a special campaign on traffic offences in rural areas, especially those offences on the misuse of farm vehicles, tricycles, tractors, trucks, and motor bikes, in order to strengthen traffic safety control and to resolve safety risks in rural areas.

During this campaign, the traffic law enforcement officials strengthened the road control, set temporary duty points on key roads which stretch through villages, towns, and districts, and the black spots. They gave greater efforts to inspect illegal road offences, like overloading, driving without licenses, drunk driving, etc., and they also patiently educate the drivers about the danger of traffic violations.

According to the statistics, from March till now, 18 overloaded cars, 32 overloaded trucks, 6 unlicensed drivers, 9 drunk drivers, 185 offences on the misuse of the farm vehicles, tricycles, tractors, and light trucks were found and dealt with. This campaign would continue till the end of this May.



Translator: Xiong Linfang

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