Two Groups and One Individual from Changde Listed on the National Honor Roll of “Two Reds and Two Excellences”

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Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League commended some groups and individuals in the national “Two Reds and Two Excellences”. The Youth League Committee of Zhendeqiao Town of Dingcheng District was awarded the title of “National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee”; the Youth League Branch of Yingbin Road Community of Anfu Street in Linli County was awarded the title of “National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Branch”; Wu Guihua, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Changde Technician College, was awarded “ National Outstanding Communist Youth League Cadre”.

Zhendeqiao Town Youth League Committee includes 10 League branches with a total of 140 members. In March 2018, relying on the Party School of Zhendeqiao Town, the first township youth league school in Dingcheng District was founded, and a team building exhibition hall was established. Since its establishment in 2019, the Youth League Building Exhibition Hall has received more than 300 batches of visiting and learning teams, and has played an active role in guiding young people, uniting young people and serving young people.

The Yingbin Road Community of Anfu Street in Linli County is located in the downtown area. There are 109 youth members in the community youth league branch. In recent years, the Youth League branch has given full play to its advantages of “connecting with youth, uniting youth, and serving youth”, and organized youth members of the Youth League to participate in party history learning and education.

Wu Guihua has devoted herself to the cause of the Youth League. Focusing on the fundamental goal of “strengthening moral education and cultivating people", she has promoted the construction and development of the league, organized voluntary campaigns, and carried out vocational education activities, etc., to inspire young people to “have great morals and aspirations, and be proficient in skills and abilities". Two members of her school won the first prize in the National CNC Competition.


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