Changde Conducts Artificial Breeding and Release of Fish: 8.8 Million Fish Fries Settle in Yuanjiang River

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On the morning of April 13, the 2022 Changde Fish Artificial Breeding and Release Activity with the theme of “Enriching Fishery Resources, Building Clear Water and Blue Sky” was held in the Paiyun Pavilion of Poetry Wall Park. 8.8 million herrings, grass carps, silver carps, bighead carps and bream fries happily swam into the Yuanjiang River. Cao Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zhou Zhenyu, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, participated in the activity.



Cao Zhiqiang (middle), Zhou Zhenyu (right), Chen Hua (left) participated in the activity.


The event was sponsored by the Changde Municipal People’s Government and undertaken by the Changde Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Affairs Center. The purpose of this activity is to thoroughly implement the concept of “ecological priority and green development”, fully implement the China Aquatic Biological Resources Conservation Action Plan, strengthen the conservation of fishery resources, multiply aquatic biological resources, restore the ecological environment of the Yuanshui Basin, and realize the coordinated development of the fishery environment and the ecological environment. The released fries were purchased from companies with qualifications for supplying fries. After passing the inspection and quarantine of the origin, the organizer selected the good-quality fries more than 5 cm long, healthy and strong, for release. The whole event was notarized by the Decheng Notary Office of Changde City, and the Disciplinary Inspection Office of the Municipal Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Affairs Center participated in the whole process.

Since 2002, Changde has launched a large-scale artificial proliferation and release activity each year. As of 2021, about 1.5 billion aquatic seedlings have been released in total, with the fund of approximately 40 million yuan.

The municipal leaders Chen Hua, Chen Zhangjie, Fu Yong, Yu Liangyong and Liu Youren, as well as some public-spirited volunteers and citizens, participated in the activity.


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