Four Citizens from Changde Selected as “Hunan Good People” from February to March

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On April 11, the 2022 “Hunan Good People” list from February to March was officially released, and 4 people from Changde were included in the list.

They are Li Zhengda, a 90-year-old Party member who is enthusiastic about public welfare, Wen Xiangchao, a one-armed doctor who has been in the countryside for 53 years, Duan Yongming, who returned to the original owner after picking up 20,000 yuan in cash, and Ma Xiaojuan, a “post-90s” rural teacher lighting up children’s hearts with stories. Li Zhengda is a resident of Yaotianping Village, Yaotianping Town, Dingcheng District. Since retiring in 1989, he has devoted himself to public welfare, raising nearly 200,000 yuan to help the infrastructure construction of his hometown. In recent years, he has also taken the initiative to serve as a voluntary publicist for safety education in Yaotianping Central Primary School. He has entered the school to carry out more than 50 lectures on patriotism and safety education, and has helped students in need for a long time. Wen Xiangchao is the medical doctor of Swan Village, Zaoshi Town, Shimen County. In the past 53 years, he has always adhered to the first line of rural grassroots health work, and supported villagers’ health single-handedly. Even in the middle of the night, he still never charges the patient’s outpatient fee. For patients with difficult economic conditions, he often gives them treatment without charge in advance or even free treatment, and does his best to solve problems for patients. Duan Yong lives in Huabang International Community in Dingcheng District. On January 4 this year, he found a black wallet in the underground parking lot with nearly 20,000 yuan in cash and some important documents. With the help of the property company staff, he returned the wallet to its owner. Ma Xiaojuan is a teacher at Caijiagang Middle School in Dingcheng District. During her more than 6 years’ teaching, Ma Xiaojuan has formed a habit of inspecting the student dormitory every night and telling stories to the children half an hour before bedtime with a flashlight in her hand, actively guiding the left-behind children in rural areas to build a healthy personality, and promoting the happy and healthy growth of them.


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