Zhou Zhenyu: Carry Out In-depth All-round Cooperation to Achieve a New Level Development

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In order to better promote the comprehensive cooperation with Zoomlion and promote the industrial development of Changde, on April 11, Zhou Zhenyu, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, visited the headquarters of Zoomlion and held a discussion with Zhan Chunxin, Chairman of Zoomlion, which detailed related cooperation matters.

In recent years, Changde has focused on building an important national advanced manufacturing base, and has concentrated on cultivating an industry of 100 billion yuan in advanced equipment manufacturing. At present, Zoomlion mainly has 7 main business segments in Changde, including construction hoisting machinery, concrete machinery station, small-tonnage construction hoisting machinery, Changde hydraulics, Tellus hydraulics, axles, and intelligent agricultural machinery, which constitute the main pillars of the equipment manufacturing industry in Changde.

During the discussion, Zhou Zhenyu, on behalf of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, expressed his gratitude to Zoomlion for its contribution to Changde’s economic and social development. He said that as the headquarters of Zoomlion have always attached great importance to the investment and development of enterprises in Changde, building Changde as an important development base, a close cooperation has been formed. It is hoped that in the next stage, the two parties will further carry out in-depth all-round cooperation, focusing on digital agriculture, agricultural machinery promotion and manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, new building materials, R & D platform construction, and enterprise listing, etc., to strengthen docking and cooperation. Changde will try its best to solve the difficult problems faced by the enterprises in the process of development, create a good business environment, actively honor the incentive policies, and jointly promote the cooperation to a new level.

Zhan Chunxin said that Zoomlion’s business development in Changde is inseparable from the full support of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The company will fully consider the requests put forward by the Changde Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, fully promote the strengthening of docking and cooperation in the fields of new energy and new materials, and strive for more good projects and good enterprises to settle in Changde. They agreed to sign a memorandum of strategic cooperation as soon as possible to lay a more solid foundation for the development of cooperation between the two parties.

Liu Guolong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Chen Zhangjie, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, and Chen Aixi, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, attended the meeting.


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