12 Traffic Management Affairs Handled in the Public Security Area of Citizens’ Home

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On April 6, the service windows in the Public Security Area of the Citizens’ Home of the Municipal Affairs Center were officially opened. On the same day, the service window of the traffic police department welcomed the first batch of people to apply for the replacement of vehicle driving licenses.

The public security area is located in the lobby on the 3rd floor of the Citizens’ Home. There are 7 traffic service windows in total, which can handle 12 affairs: the issuance of motor vehicle inspection signs (exemption for inspection within 6 years), the issuance of temporary motor vehicle passes, the approval of road construction that affects traffic safety, school bus driving qualification license, motor vehicle mortgage registration, registration of motor vehicle registration information change, review of the passage of freight motor vehicles during prohibited sessions and prohibited sections, handling of off-site summary violations below 12 points (excluding), motor vehicle driving license renewal, driver physical examination (including drivers aged over 70), driver’s safe driving credit information inquiry, and traffic violation information inquiry.

The working hours of the public security area are from 9 to 12 a.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. on weekdays. The staff said that independent office environments and high-speed and stable public security private websites will effectively improve the efficiency of traffic management service to provide faster, better, and more convenient quality experience.


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