2022 “Spring Breeze Action” in Changde Provides over 290,000 Job Opportunities

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-04-07 14:50:27 【Fonts:Small Big

2022 “Spring Breeze Action” special service activities in Changde has been successfully concluded recently. During the event, 209 online and offline job fairs were held in our city, with 7,565 units providing more than 290,000 positions, 116,000 job-seekers entering and logging in, and 43,100 people achieving their intentions.

From January to March, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, together with the Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs and other departments, carried out “Spring Breeze Action” special service activities in our city, focusing on helping migrant workers, unemployed college graduates, those with employment difficulties and other workers to find jobs, and helping employers in need of employment to recruit workers.

In order to build an interactive platform for enterprises and job seekers, the municipal human resources and social security departments visited some key monitoring towns, employment enterprises, migrant workers returning to their hometowns and those with employment difficulties, and investigated the basic information and employment intention of workers. Meanwhile, these departments accurately mastered the dynamic data of key enterprises’ employment demands, input job demand information on provincial public employment service platform as required, monitored employment with regular statistics, helped enterprises to recruit talents and relieve the employment pressure of enterprises through various online and offline recruitment activities.


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