50 Medics from Changde Joins Covid-19 Prevention and Control Operations in Jilin Province

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On April 4th, 50 medical workers from Changde gathered in the Municipal Health Committee to set foot on the journey of assisting Jilin Province in Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui saw them off at the scene.

Among the 50 medical team members, 25 of them were from the First People's Hospital of Changde City, 13 from Changde First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and 12 from Xiangya Changde Hospital. Heading to Jilin Province to take over Fangcang Hospitals (alternate care sites), the team members were full of confidence. Guo Ping, an attending physician from Changde First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital studied in Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2011 to 2014 for his master’s degree. He signed up in the first place when he got the news that Jilin province needed medical support. "My professors, my classmates and my friends are there. I feel obligated to be there to show my support." Guo said. Fang Lei, an anesthesiologist working at Xiangya Changde Hospital, volunteered to work in ICU of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for 47 days back in 2020 when the fight was at its critical stage. He said that now he was relatively calm, but he would do his best to fight the epidemic. Wang Tianli, deputy director and chief physician of the Respiratory Department of Changde First People's Hospital, was captain of the medical team. He said that the team members were chosen from the best of the best. Some had been to Hubei province to fight the epidemic, and some had joined the medical team to assist Zhangjiajie in Hunan province when there was a temporary lockdown due to the epidemic. He said that the epidemic situation was an order. He would lead the team to successfully complete the task of fighting the epidemic in Jilin province.

On behalf of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee and Changde Municipal Government, Zhou Daihui expressed thanks to the medical team. He said that the team shouldered a great responsibility on a glorious mission. It represented the support from people in Changde to those in Jilin Province. He demanded the team unite as one, help each other, successfully complete the task and return home safe and sound.


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