Five New Services to Benefit the People Brought by Upgrading Housing Provident Fund System

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-03-26 11:30:29 【Fonts:Small Big

After depositing housing provident fund, Ms. Zhang gave a thumb-up to the window services of housing provident fund, which is a recognition of the upgraded internal system. At the present, in Changde Housing Provident Fund Center, the electronic filing system has been upgraded, which brought five new services to benefit Changde people.

    The five services are listed below:

First, one-window service has been realized in the inquiry and the printing of depositing information, because, in the Housing Provident Fund Center, the information of all the windows has been connected and put through;

Second, the online inquiry of the electronic certifications or the digital photos could be provided, and the marriage status of the applicants could be checked without a third-party service;

Third, the identity verification system could verify the accuracy of the applicants' photos taken on-site with their ID cards;

Fourth, the digital management of the files, including all the files in Wulin District and Changde Economic Development Zone, has been realized, which helps to speed up the enquiries;

Fifth, the marks and notes of any processed cases remain, which avoids duplicated submission.

 Translator: Xiong Linfang

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