The 11th Conference Scheduled Meeting Held at Changde Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters  

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  On Mar.23, the 11th Conference Scheduled Meeting held at Changde Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters was organized by Zhou Daihui, the deputy mayor of Changde, conveying the message and directing from Changde Municipal Standing Committee and Municipal Government, requiring studies and estimation on current epidemic situation to prevent and control novel corona virus.

    Zhou Daihui demanded that the departments of all levels should pay special attention to the novel corona virus prevention and control. In order to vigorously guarantee this work, bottom-line thinking should be emphasized, keeping on high alert to guard against taking chances or easing up.

    First, to prioritize the quarantine of the "key" group and persons, to be problem-oriented, to organize the quarantine spots, to strengthen supervision, to find out weakness in order to remove the possible perils;

    Second, to discourage the people in Changde to go to medium or high risk areas, to strictly control, without any missing, those who come to Changde from medium or high risk areas;

    Third, to take greater efforts on the epidemic prevention and control in schools. Commissioners should be sent to the colleges, universities and schools in Changde to convey messages and policies from the government, to conduct nucleic acid test sample check and to supervise prevention and control work;

    Forth, to increase the working force at the motorway entrance and ensure personal prevention and protection;

    Fifth, to pay greater attention to the epidemic prevention and control before and after Tomb Sweeping Day.

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