Eight Flights Suspended in Taohuayuan Airport Yesterday

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-03-29 09:45:55 【Fonts:Small Big

Yesterday, eight flights departing from Changde Taohuayuan Airport were suspended, and only seven flights were operating normally. Changde -- Shenzhen Flights CZ6445/6, Changde -- Zhuhai Flights CZ5873/4, Changde -- Xi'an Flights GS7681/2, Changde--Shanghai Hongqiao and Kunming Flights 9C8829/30, Changde--Nanning and Tianjin Flights GX8853/4 and Changde--Shanghai Pudong Flights 9C8731/2 were canceled due to the company's change of schedule, and there were no added flights. The available flights are from Changde to Guangzhou, Changde to Beijing Daxing, and Changde to Chongqing and Wenzhou.

Affected by the epidemic recently, flights at Taohuayuan Airport might be canceled occasionally, and airlines are not fully on duty. Passengers are reminded of paying attention to the latest flight updates released by major airlines in time as well as strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure safe travel.


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