Zhou Zhenyu Investigated the Construction of Chang-Yi-Chang High-Speed Railway and the Improvement of Off-Road Safety Environment

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Zhou Zhenyu emphasized that we must strengthen and ensure dispatching work to facilitate the completion of Chang-Yi-Chang high-speed railway as soon as possible

Yesterday, Zhou Zhenyu, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, conducted an on-the-spot investigation on the construction of the Chang-Yi-Chang high-speed railway and the improvement of the off-road safety environment.

Zhou Zhenyu emphasized that the construction of high-speed rail is related to the future development of Changde, and it is a major event that the local people are highly concerned about and looking forward to. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, enhance inter-departmental linkage, and strictly follow the requirements of technical specifications for the remediation of safety environment outside the high-speed railway. At the same time, it is necessary to establish and improve the long-term management and protection mechanism for the off-road environment, so as to provide a reliable off-road environment for the opening of the Chang-Yi-Chang high-speed railway. It is of great importance to further optimize the design scheme, and pay more attention to the scientific, reasonable and economical application of the station building and municipal supporting construction. We must strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen the closed-loop management of the whole process, and ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control and the safety of project construction.

Tang Zuoguo, vice chairman of the CPPCC, and Chen Aixi, secretary-general of the municipal government, participated in the investigation.



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