Focus on Eight Key Points and Develop Education to Meet People’s Satisfaction

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On March 17, the Conference about the City’s Education Work and Party Conduct and Clean Government Construction Work was held. Chen Hua, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, minister of the United Front Work Department of the municipal party committee, and head of the Educational Work Leading Group of the municipal party committee, emphasized that education is the country’s and the party’s grand plan. The source of development and motivation are the hope of families and people’s livelihood. We must accelerate the modernization of education, do a good job in education to meet people’s satisfaction, and welcome the victory of the Party’s 20th National Congress with excellent results.

In 2021, the city’s education development has achieved good results and reached a high starting point in the “14th Five-Year Plan”. This year, the Municipal Education Bureau will focus on eight aspects: political leadership, simultaneous development of five educations, people supremacy, integration of production and education, reform and innovation, talent-based education, and law-based education, to promote the high-quality development of education.

Chen Hua pointed out that it is necessary to improve the political position and deeply grasp the new situation of education work. At present, the internal and external environment of education has undergone profound changes. It is necessary to look beyond education, to seek education based on the overall situation, and to run education from a long-term perspective. It is necessary to highlight key tasks and accelerate the realization of a new leap in education. Pay attention to moral cultivation, education and scientific research, team building, degree supply, and focus on the quality of education; cultivate professional talents, improve the connotation of running a school, promote scientific and technological innovation, and focus on serving the overall situation; deepen the reform of education evaluation and implement it in depth the “double reduction policy”, regulate private compulsory education, and focus on reform and innovation; do a good job in ideological safety, normalized safety education for students, and normalized epidemic prevention and control in schools, and focus on preventing risks. It is necessary to strengthen the leadership of the party and strive to create a new situation in education. It is also needed to integrate the leadership of the party into the whole process of education development, strengthen the leadership of party building, the implementation of responsibilities, the safeguard in running schools, and the supervision and assessment, so as to gather a strong synergy to promote the reform and development of education.

The meeting also reported the city’s education supervision work.

Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui presided over the meeting.


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