2022 Hunan Rapeseed Flower Festival Opens in Shimeitang Town Dingcheng District

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Yesterday morning, Zhang Yingchun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor of Hunan Province, announced on the spot that the Third 2022 Hunan Rapeseed Flower Festival officially opened in the main venue, Shimeitang Town, Dingcheng District, Changde City. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Zhou Zhenyu attended the event and delivered a speech.


Zhang Yingchun announces the launch of the 3rd Hunan Rapeseed Flower Festival in 2022


Zhou Zhenyu delivering a speech


In his speech, Zhou Zhenyu said that in recent years, Changde City has comprehensively promoted the rural revitalization strategy, vigorously implemented the oilseed production capacity improvement project, and actively built a whole industrial chain from rapeseed planting, processing to flower show cultural tourism, represented by Shimeitang Town. The “industry plus cultural tourism” brands are emerging. Changde will take the launch of the Rapeseed Flower Festival as an opportunity to vigorously implement the special action of speeding up rural revitalization, prepare supporting service and make contribution to the province’s development of a 100 billion oil industry.

Tang Jianchu, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, pointed out in his speech that Hunan is the main producing area and advantageous area of rapeseed in the country. All localities should hold the Rapeseed Festival well, further strengthen the rapeseed industry in Hunan, build a brand of rapeseed in Hunan, promote the integration of the rapeseed industry, drive agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ income, and help the overall promotion of rural revitalization.

Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Rural Development Bureau, Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and other relevant heads of provincial departments, city leaders Chen Hua, Chen Zhangjie, Zhu Jinping, and Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Chen Aixi also attended the festival event.


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